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CNC Slotter- SIERRA SL-200-CNC with 3 Axis Control

SIERRA SL-200-CNC Slotter with 3 Axis Control:


  • X, Y Axis & Ram Slide Way hardened and precision ground.
  • Head can swivel ±30° for slotting taper keyway
  • Use AC-servo motor with high precision C3 ball screw for feeding purpose, best cutting accuracy and long life.
  • Program include auto tool relief function for best slotting surface and prolong tool's life.
  • Built in automatic lubrication system to prevent wear.

Machine Specifications:

  • Max. travel of the ram (stroke) - 200mm
  • Vertical adjustment of ram - 220mm
  • No. of stroke per minute (50HZ) spm. -  L: 26-31-36-46   H: 53-62-73-93
  • Swivel angle of head - ±30°
  • Distance between end of ram guideway and work table (A) - 300mm
  • Distance between tooling center and column surface (B) - 355mm
  • Diameter of working table - Ø400mm
  • Longitudinal travel of working table (X) - 250mm
  • Cross travel of working table (Y) - 250mm
  • Main spindle motor (2 speeds brake motor) - 2HP 6P/12P
  • Size - 1640x1370x1820mm
  • Weight - 1000kgs

CNC Control Unit Specifications:

Cutting feed rate of working table - 0.0001"-0.02"/stroke, 0.001-0.5mm/stroke
X,Y Axis rapid traverse - 10 m/min
Mini indexing unit (degree) - 0.001° (Auto)
X Axis servo motor - 1kw
Y Axis servo motor - 1kw
Rotary axis servo motor - 0.75Kw

Standard Accessories:

  • X & Y Axis C3 Ball screws
  • X & Y Axis Slide way Covers
  • Coolant System & Tray
  • Centralized Automatic Lubrication System
  • MPG Hand wheel
  • Halogen work light
  • Alarm Light
  • Adjusting Tools & Box
  • Programmable Auto Tool Backing Off


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