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External Cylindrical Grinder - SIERRA GE-500x1500 with Balance Stand

SIERRA GE-500x1500 External  Cylindrical Grinder with Balance Stand:

General capacity

  • Distance between centers 1500mm
  • Center height 270mm
  • Outside Dia.Ground Ø25-500mm
  • Outside Dia. Max. length ground 1500mm
  • Max. weight of work piece 1000kg


  • Taper MT6
  • Spindle speed 18-180 rpm


  • Wheel spindle speed 870rpm
  • Wheelhead rapid travel 100mm
  • 438mm
  • Hand feed per.rev rough:4mm fine:0.5mm
  • Hand feed per.gra rough:0.02mm fine:0.0025mm
  • Wheel size (ODxWxID) Ø750x75xØ305mm
  • Periphearal velocity 35m/s


  • Hand feed per.rev 5mm
  • Max.swiveling angle of table - Clockwise 3°, Anticlockwise 6°
  • Longitudinal speed range of table 0.1-3m/min


  • Center taper MT6
  • Quil travel 70mm


  • Wheelhead motor power 15kW
  • Workhead motor power 4kW


  • Weight 11200kg
  • Size 5100x2280x2100mm

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